Step-By-Step Guide to Learn Horse Riding

The best way to learn horse riding is to take tutorials from a competent instructor. It is inadvisable and impossible to learn it by reading a few related articles, books or watching videos. But I have tried to sum up the various instances you might face in the course of learning it along with the most common mistakes you might make.

Before Getting on The Horse Back

Most of the schools do not start off with the riding lessons as soon as you enroll yourself. There are few things you need to become familiar with before riding on the horse. I have listed them for you here :

● It is very important to get familiar with the horse and its nature. You can try to feed them and spend some time pampering the beauty before getting on its back.
● The next important thing is to learn to tie, lead and groom. Especially if you plan on taking a ride alone sometime then you need to get thorough with this.
● You need to learn how to use the riding accessories like Saddle, Bridle and Western Cinch.

You Can Get Started Now

After learning these essential things you will be ready to take your first ride. These are the phases you will come across as rider.

● Mounting : Initially this might seem like a daunting task. But with patience and practice you will be able to comfortably get into the saddle and mount up on the horse.
● Walk and halt : It will take you some time to get used to the motion of the horse especially if you have never taken a ride before. The first lesson on riding will be on how to cue the horse to halt and walk. Listen carefully to your instructor and work on their instructions. This will help you to get a control on the horse.

● Take up the next level : As your skills will improve you can start to take up new challenges to increase the fun in riding. Trotting and loping (cantering) are some of the new things you will learn in this level.
Once you are confident after trying these things you will be ready to take a ride alone. But do not take the risk without your instructor’s consent.

Things to Keep in Mind

● Arena rules : Similar to the traffic rules we follow there are a set of rules bound to be followed in the arena. Riders are not allowed to get too close or cut off each other.
● Trail safety : The height, speed and unpredictability of the horse are the main things you need to have in mind. It is best to choose a horse that is acquainted to the mistakes made by the beginners.

● Riding in the night : It is the best to not go on a ride in the dark. If at all the situation insists so take the required precautions before the ride.

Horse riding must be a fun activity and hence do not push yourself in the process of learning it. Happy riding folks!