Women prefer horse riding

Why are women so dominant in horse riding?


It is said that riding is a sport for men. Yet girls are initiated within this area and increase in number every day. According to a census, they can be dominant in the industry, which doesn’t displease the masculine gender. What is certain is they are many to become passionate and even want to become real professionals of riding afterward within the subject.

The data also shows that European women are far more prevalent horseriders than their Asian or African counterparts.

In the Americas, the gap widens less.

Boosting gender equality

If you would like to understand why women are so dominant in driving, it is mostly to compete with men. Indeed, with the implementation of gender equality, many women want to demonstrate they can be as capable as men on the back of a horse. They also wish to show they can take care of animals and know how to undertake activities that are risky despite their reputation as a woman. Being of that very nature, the feminine gender also likes to meet with beings, whether animal or human. The horse is a chance for them to find the world to reconnect with nature and even to know what they can ride.

They love the challenges

Like everybody else, struggles are also loved by girls. They love this sense of freedom, dependence and travel on the back of the horse. They cherish every minute they taste the thrills, adrenaline and extreme game. Because riding is an opportunity while venturing into a world of instantaneous and fire discovery to maintain shape. With equitack¸ they’re also able to deepen their passion by sourcing quality equipment at a reasonable price at any moment. Since they are rutile and lasting as guys. Because they have enforced lots of their skills. As they have the right to want to stick out at a field and need to deepen their fire. If they are so dominant in riding it is thus normal.