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Fun facts about horses

fun facts about horses
Have you ever wondered why, once you’re outside on a hack, your horse will abruptly spook in a bag or other thing which you’re looking at for the previous five minutes? Horses have very great distance vision and can see much farther than we could. However, they just see close objects in sharp focus when they’re quite near them. Hence they will only find that bag when they’re almost on top of it! This is quite helpful to remember, as you’ll have enough time to prepare yourself and get ready to coax your horse beyond an object that you know he can get worried about!

Horses and ponies are exceptional creatures that have been a part of human life for centuries. They have interesting characteristics all of their own and have shaped our language in addition to our lifestyle. Even today we quantify the ability of our automobile engines as being equal to horsepower!

Q.What’s a Dam or a Sire?

A Dam is your horse’s mother. A Sire is your horse’s father

What’s the difference between a horse and a pony? (hh in ads means ‘hands high’) A ‘hand’ is 4 inches (20cm). This is the approximate width of a guy’s hand and was a convenient way to judge how tall a horse is quickly. The height of a horse is measured from the ground to the withers (the withers are on the peak of the horse’s shoulder, just about where the mane ends).

Any horse over 14 hands 2 inches (composed 14.2hh) high is a horse.

There’s a different height limitation differentiating horses from ponies in America – there an equine is known as a horse out of 13.2!

And no, a pony won’t develop to a horse – like people horses will grow to different heights depending on their parents. It’s quite feasible for a pony to give birth to a foal which will eventually grow to be a horse!

Do horses and ponies behave otherwise?

Like people, horses all have their personalities. And despite their small size can frequently be just as headstrong and wilful as their bigger counterparts. But being smaller they are best for kids to ride.

You don’t have to be a horse to do a man’s work – just think about the Pony Express at the old time the USA, or the Exmoor ponies that are tremendously hardy and powerful enough to carry an adult rider regardless of the fact that they stand no greater than 12.3hh!

Interesting Horse Truth:

Do you know why it’s very uncommon to see all of the horses in the same area lying down at once? This is because one creature always stands ‘on the look out’ to have the ability to alert others to some dangers.

Did you know that horses have one leg (or side) which is a hair shorter than another? The mane will fall into the short-legged side.
Were you aware that Arabians have one less rib, one fewer back slopes and one fewer neck vertebrae than any other horse in the world? This is they have such short backs.
Did you know the interesting horse reality that horses have near 360 degrees all round vision? The only place they can’t see is right behind them! It’s quite dangerous to stand behind a horse – they get easily scared if they believe something is behind them and they can not see it. As prey animals, they think it is safer to kick first and ask questions later!
Due to the place of horse’s eyes on both sides of their head horses can’t see things directly in front of the noses. This means they can’t see the food they eat! Additionally, it means they can’t find a jump as soon as they are about a 110 cm (or 4 ft) from it, and need to rely on memory as to its height and shape!
Were you aware that horses can lock the muscles in their legs so that they could go to sleep standing up and not fall over? This was a helpful trick when horses lived as wild animals and had to have the ability to generate a fast escape from a predator!

Why do we always mount out of the nearside of a horse? In olden days men used to wear scabbards for their swords in their left hip (so they can draw the sword immediately with their right hand. If they’d got on from the opposite side of the horse that the sword could have got in the way!
horseriding in the field

Horses in our Speech!

The horse was first domesticated some 6000 years back. When you find a horse well rugged up in winter, or coated in fly sheets in summer, or using sun cream applied to all those sensitive elements it makes you believe that maybe this shows a certain level of intelligence on the part of the horse!

The horse has been a part of our lives for a lengthy time. A lot of the language we use every day revolves around this connection – much of which we use without thinking.

During our connection with horses, they’ve crept their way not only into our hearts and lifestyles but also into our everyday speech. Many non-horsey men and women use terms with no idea where they originated from!
By way of instance, I expect you’ve often heard something being known as ‘a perfect mare’! If you own or ride a mare, I hope you grin at that point!

Just how many sayings originate in the horse world? These are the ones that have happened to me. If you know of any more, please email me in, and I shall add them to the list.

  • Do not look a gift horse in the mouth
  • Get Back in the saddle
  • Being a ‘dark horse’ (Horses that frequently won races were darkened to hide their identity and increase the betting odds)
  • Do not change horses in midstream
  • Horse and cart – cockney rhyming slang (in case you can not guess, email me for the answer!)
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink
  • Being a Perfect mare
  • On the hoof
  • Right from the horse’s mouth (the means of telling a horse’s age is to look at this teeth – hence getting the facts from the origin!)
Since the Hackney horse, originally from the village of Hackney in London, was a particularly good high stepping equine for pulling carriages, and then the first taxis! To my knowledge, there are no more any horses in Hackney, although the breed continues.
Romans like things organized, so had a typical wheel width for their chariots that were made for Imperial Rome. Since the wheels of the chariots wore ruts in the roads, other people had to also utilize the identical spacing for their wheels – otherwise, they were likely to ‘get stuck in a rut.’

Roman road in Pompeii

Around 60 percent of the world’s railways, such as Europe and the USA use the normal railroad gauge of 1,435 mm (4 feet 8 1/2 in).

And that, in case you have not guessed already, is the specific width between the wheels on a Roman Chariot! This was the width set by Julius Caesar before the Roman law so that chariots didn’t get stuck in Roman cities and villages.

And if you are wondering why the wheels were spaced that space apart – it is because they needed to adapt the back sides of two warhorses!

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about horses, brought to you by Limebook.

10 Common mistakes when going horse-riding

When you imagine a horseback riding vacation you might think of rider and horse riding horseback in a meadow or loping with the wind. No one wishes to visualize a spooked horse running back sans rider, to the barn. When scared, run back to the protection of the ranch or herd of horses and a horse’s natural instinct would be to bolt. The road guide, cowboy or wrangler does not want an “episode” taking place during your horseback riding vacation. Listed here are 10 horseback riding mistakes to avoid in order to have a safe horseback riding vacation.

1. Inappropriate riding clothing

Have you been on holiday in which you didn’t expect to go horseback riding? You were in a location and packed shorts and sun dresses. When in doubt, it’s best to travel with a single pair of trousers appropriate for a horseback riding vacation. Horseback is embarrassing in the warmest of weather. Never ride in long flowing clothing that may get caught on a saddle’s horn. The same holds for riding with lose strings on tops and trousers that could get caught up in the tack (riding equipment.)

Wear cowboy boots on a horseback riding vacation.

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2. Bad footwear

Horses are animals that are big. Every time a horse inadvertently steps on your toes it hurts. Ideally, wear cowboy boots when on a horseback riding vacation. Shoes without a heel can slip forward through the stirrup — a dangerous situation for the rider they fall or are dragged alongside the horse.

3. Horseback riding without a helmet

There’s a rationale guests sign a liability release when they see with the stables. Accidents happen to even the most security equestrians. Ranches in America require riders to wear a helmet regardless of age or experience. Please note that a bike helmet does not supply the same level of protection.

4. Holding the reins incorrectly

Consider the two reins in the bridle (the leather straps leading from either side of the horse’s piece to your hands) such as your steering wheel on a car. Should you pull on one rein to the left, then the horses mind (and body) should accompany. I inform beginning riders to imagine holding the reins your ice cream will fall from the cone should you tip your wrist.

Whether you’re riding English or Western, you will want to choke up on your reins if you ask the horse to come to a halt. Do not hold the reins above your head or pull back above your shoulders (as the rider on the left is doing) in an attempt to stop the horse. Slide your left hand toward the horse’s neck while tightening your reins if riding Western and you’re going to have better hands.

5.Hysteria on horseback

I’m the first to admit that horseback riding can be a frustrating encounter the very first two or three times. There is a lot to find out in the riding arena and out on the trail. Regardless of your frustration level, yelling, screaming or swearing in your horse isn’t likely to help the situation. Your horse will be confused. Please keep in mind that most creatures aren’t able to process complete sentences. You are going too quickly.” The horse has. Saying “whoa” and yanking back on the reins at the same time tells the horse to stop. Loosen the reins to reward the horse as guided when the horse does.

6. Dangerous distractions

Horseback riding should be a place to re-connect with nature. Silence your mobile phone and leave back purses and backpacks at the ranch. Check to see whether the ranch has rain slickers if weather appears imminent. It is best to not ride rain ponchos, as they scare the horses and can flap in the wind. The same is true for backpacks; horses might be spooked slamming the backs of these riders scaring the horses.

7. Miscommunication while riding

Riders are advised that horse commands aren’t universal. What means prevent horses in the United States may not hold true in other countries. Always ask for a rundown of horseback riding orders. For the newcomer equestrian, keep in mind that holding with your legs is frequently the control for moving ahead to the horse. If you’re trotting or loping (cantering) and hammering your legs against the face of the horse’s flanks, then the horse’s answer is to speed upward. Be cautious.

Maintain Appropriate spacing on a holiday holiday vacation

8. Not leaving a horses span

Perhaps you have heard the term “leave a horse span between you and the next horse?” There is nothing worse than feeling your horses back or front hooves leave the floor when you are least expecting it. If you notice your horse’s ears moving flat against their mind (or your neighbor’s horse) that isn’t a good sign. It means the horse is mad. Flat back ears may be a sign that the horse you’re riding is going to kick off the horse behind them or hit ahead or aside to bite the horse near. Generally, horses do not like to feel bloated.

Insider tip: If you find a horse with a red ribbon attached in their tail, this may kick the horse that rides up behind them and means that they need more space.

9. Disrespecting your manual

The same is true on a holiday trip. This is the signal following loping when wrangler your guide or cowboy raises his hand. Don’t allow your horse get facing the trail guide. It’s the task to deliver a safe environment. Listen at all times; particularly when crossing river, creek, a road or negotiating obstacles like tree trunks that are downed.

10. Not checking your cinch

Think of the cinch (girth when riding English) on your Western saddle such as your seat belt in your vehicle. The cinch is exactly what keeps your horses saddle properly placed on his back. Though wrangler or your manual will check before you mount the horse, often times the horses cinch that the cinch will probably loosen up during a road ride. If the snap is too loose, the saddle tightens the snap and then will start sliding to the side; re-adjust the saddle.



Riding A Horse Is Faster Than An Electric Bike

horse & electric bike

How much power that an electric bicycle needs, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions from people who want to buy their first bike. To get more ideas, you can go to this website and get the information you need. As much as ebikes can take you to the farthest places you wish you go, horse speed is equally high. Let’s look at each them differently

Bike Speed

There are different ebike power ratings that can be confusing to a beginner. The first thing you need to know is that not all ebikes are created equally. Even 2 electronic bikes which claim to have the same power level can be relatively different. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage an ebike has the higher the electric bicycle power is. You can check with the manufacturer to determine the actual wattage of your electric bicycle, and this will be determined by the following

  • Voltage of the battery
  • Peak current limit of the controller.

Electric Bicycle Power Is Necessary

How Much Electric Bicycle Power Is Necessary?

The answer to this question basically depends on two factors

  • Your weight
  • The type of terrain you will be riding on

The heavier you weight, the more power you will need to accelerate the bike. At the same time, the steeper the terrain you are riding on the more power you will consume for you to get on top of the hill.

The best way to be sure of the exact power bicycle you will need is to have a test ride on a few ebikes that have different power levels and find out which one feels best.

Is An Under Powered Bike Convenient On Steep Terrain?

If you are riding on a flat ground, bikes that have less power are not really an issue, although they will lead to a slower performance.

But if you try to ride the underpowered bike on a steep hill, and especially if you have a heavier weight, you may risk causing damages to the bike since motor and connectors can burn up.

eBike power

Horses Speed

All horses usually move with 4 basic gaits. The steps taken by each of the legs averages to 6.4 km per hour. The two beat trot or jog averages to nineteen kilometers per hour. But this can be a bit faster for racing horses.

How Fast Can Horses Run?

Just like bicycles and other motor vehicles, a horse speed is determined by many external factors. This can include infrastructure how long the horse can run and the horse’s natural speed. In an ordinary travel, the horse can be kept at an ordinary speed. This depends on the strength and stamina of the horse, and the size of baggage it has carried. For the speed of the horse to increase, you can make it gallop faster. If there is good road infrastructure, resting places and relays, then it is much easier to travel with a horse rather than bicycle.

Reference: Electric Bicycle Laws

Designing a Riding crop and other things with a 3D pen


Decorate Using a 3D Pen For Fun

Have you got a 3D pen and enjoyed horseriding? You use it and be certain of enjoying the whole art of making objects. Some folks misconceive that the 3D pen is simply meant for kids. Conversely, these specific devices can help you design some cool items which you can use day-to-day. Here are nine awesome objects you can decorate or layout using a 3D pen.

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A modern crop usually contains a long shaft of fiberglass or cane that’s coated in leather, cloth, or similar substance. The pole of a crop thickens at one end to form a handle and terminates at a thin, elastic tress like wound cord, or a leather tongue also called a keeper.


You can create a plastic riding crop strong enough to be functional and not hurt the horse too much. This is probably one of the most useful uses for a 3D pen owner who is also a  horseriding fanatic.

3d pen horse


For those who have a tablet, and you use it regularly at home or the office, you may use a 3D pen to design a tablet holder. Make certain you make the base broad enough, and the holder who stands on the foundation should be long enough to hold the pill firmly. The fantastic thing about this holder is that you can make it based on the dimensions and weight of your pill.

Perhaps you had an AGM with the business officials, along with the CEO gave you an executive pen. If you take that pen around, you could wind up losing it. That’s the reason the 3D pen will help you to design and decorate a special pen holder. Perhaps you love going to the gym, to design a weightlifter with the palms open to hold the pen. You may even design a woman in the position of holding a baby, then put the pen in that area. In this way, you may use the pen only for a few special purposes and prevent losing it.

If you love reading books, you will need a bookmark with you if you’re reading them. A bookmark is among the things which you can decorate using a 3D pen. With the normal newspaper bookmark, it may be ruined by dust or water. Suppose the mark fell on the floor, and it becomes dirty, it might be tricky to clean it. With a bookmark created with a 3D pen, it is easy to wash it with water, and it is going to be more durable too. You may design the mark in almost any form, but make certain you keep it flat and long enough. This will depend on the depth of this publication.

Have you got a busy workstation that entails several wires, like the HDMI and USB cables? If you do, then you’ll have to maintain them in order at all times. When the wires are kept in place, it can help to make the workstation appear tidy and presentable. Always select the color that will look great with your wires. In case you’ve got black wires, go for a black plastic, or another color that matches the wires. As you design the cable holder, you’ll need to be certain that there’s a solid base to hold it securely.

Forget about the normal office organizer that you purchase from the stationery dealer. It’s possible to make things extra trendy and distinctive with your 3D pen. An office organizer is just another thing which you can decorate using a 3D pen. The office organizer can take any shape or object. Whether you would like to decorate it in the kind of a Kangaroo with the pouch as the hollow section for putting the pens and other stationeries. You may also have it only designed with the tall, cylinder section, and the horizontal lower section for setting the very small items. Make certain that you select a color that matches the topic of your office or workstation.

Do you wish to earn your office and walls additional stylish? In case you’ve got a notice board at the office or home, you may want use only the conventional push pins. Instead, or you may make some special pins. With the 3D printing pen, you can decorate the standard push pins and add a few petals at the bottom of the pin. In this manner, the handle of this pin will pop up, along with the flower petals will settle on the bottom of this noticeboard. The color of the plastic to use will depend on the color of the pushpin. Don’t use a yellow plastic onto a black push pin; it may look weird.

Despite the fact that letter writing is no more common in today’s world, it is still possible to obtain some documents from businesses. Some businesses will also email you your monthly statements and other emergency visits that have to be placed in writing. Long story short, you still require a letter opener. Since it’s not a good idea to open your letters using a knife, you can accomplish this with a customized letter opener. A letter opener is just another item which you can decorate using a 3D pen. The side you use to open an envelope ought to be flat and sharp enough to prevent it ripping through the letters inside. You may design the holder to any item.​

Push pins can prick you when you throw them at the office organizer. That’s the reason you will need to design a push pin holder. You may design a ball which stands on a thick base; then the pins are pricked all over the ball. By doing this, you can use the pins whenever you want them and return them if not in use.

If you’re using a PC in your office, and a few of those computer keyboard feet is broken, you do not need to take it to a professional to repair it. Ensure that you test the dimensions before designing it, to have a simple time while using the keyboard using the stands that are customized.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Learn Horse Riding

The best way to learn horse riding is to take tutorials from a competent instructor. It is inadvisable and impossible to learn it by reading a few related articles, books or watching videos. But I have tried to sum up the various instances you might face in the course of learning it along with the most common mistakes you might make.

Before Getting on The Horse Back

Most of the schools do not start off with the riding lessons as soon as you enroll yourself. There are few things you need to become familiar with before riding on the horse. I have listed them for you here :

● It is very important to get familiar with the horse and its nature. You can try to feed them and spend some time pampering the beauty before getting on its back.
● The next important thing is to learn to tie, lead and groom. Especially if you plan on taking a ride alone sometime then you need to get thorough with this.
● You need to learn how to use the riding accessories like Saddle, Bridle and Western Cinch.

You Can Get Started Now

After learning these essential things you will be ready to take your first ride. These are the phases you will come across as rider.

● Mounting : Initially this might seem like a daunting task. But with patience and practice you will be able to comfortably get into the saddle and mount up on the horse.
● Walk and halt : It will take you some time to get used to the motion of the horse especially if you have never taken a ride before. The first lesson on riding will be on how to cue the horse to halt and walk. Listen carefully to your instructor and work on their instructions. This will help you to get a control on the horse.

● Take up the next level : As your skills will improve you can start to take up new challenges to increase the fun in riding. Trotting and loping (cantering) are some of the new things you will learn in this level.
Once you are confident after trying these things you will be ready to take a ride alone. But do not take the risk without your instructor’s consent.

Things to Keep in Mind

● Arena rules : Similar to the traffic rules we follow there are a set of rules bound to be followed in the arena. Riders are not allowed to get too close or cut off each other.
● Trail safety : The height, speed and unpredictability of the horse are the main things you need to have in mind. It is best to choose a horse that is acquainted to the mistakes made by the beginners.

● Riding in the night : It is the best to not go on a ride in the dark. If at all the situation insists so take the required precautions before the ride.

Horse riding must be a fun activity and hence do not push yourself in the process of learning it. Happy riding folks!

How to Ride The Sitting Trot Without Bouncing

horseriding in the field

The sitting trot is one of those gaits that most of us want to improve. To sit the trot smoothly and comfortably takes a combination of total diet balance, stability, and fluid movement.It was a simple shift from thinking about absorbing the movement of the sitting trot to going with the movement of the sitting trot.We not only did my own riding improve, but I was also able to do a better job helping my riding students improve their trot.